Galvalume Steel  Sheets and Coils

Category of Galvalume Steel

Grade and Introduction of Galvalume Steel

Hot-dipped galvalume steel is a kind of coated steel with cold rolled steel of different strength and thickness as substrate. It is produced through applying Al-Zn coat on both faces by hot dip process in it coating, Al accounts for about 55%Al, 1.6t%Si, while the remaining is Zn, it enjoys both the physical protective feature and strong durability of Al and electrochemical protective character of Zn. Besides, its surface has bright silver color and regular embossed-typed figure, which are highly decorative

Characteristics of Galvalume steel  coils
Galvalume steel sheet in coils have lots of excellent properties: the high corrosion resistant which is 3 times than that of pure zinc; beautiful spangles on the surface can be used for outside board of buildings.

1.High corrosion resistant: Galvalume steel has good resistant corrosion owing to Al composition which has protective fuction.Even if the zinc is destroyed,Al will form dense and protective alumina layer,preventing further oxidation of the internal.

2.Heat resistant:Al-Zn alloy steel has good heat resistant,bearing  more than 300 centigrade high temperature,similar with that of  aluminium-coated steel sheets .It is commenly used in Chimney pipe ,oven, lighting and fluorescent light cover.

3. Heat Reflection: Reflection ability of heat and light is twice as much as those of hot-dip zinc steel sheet, which is an ideal construction materials of saving energy.

4.Economical efficiency: As the density ratio of 55% Al-Zn is smaller than that of Zn, the coated area of galvalume is 3% larger than that of  galvanized steel in case of the same coating weight and  thickness.

The application of Galvalume steel.

Building: roofing,wall,garage,noise barrier,duct and Mobile house etc.
Car industry : silencer,Exhaust pipe, wiper accessories, fuel tank, van etc.
Home appliance: refrigerator back,gas stove, air conditioner, microwave oven,LCD frame, CRT explosion-proof strips,LED backlight sources, electriccabinet etc.
Poultry equipment:Pig&Chicken houses,silos, Greenhouse piping etc.
Others: heat insulation cover, heat exchanger,dryer, calorifier etc.