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【Polyvinylidene Fluoride(PVDF)】

PVDF Paint Coating Steel

The characteristics:
1. PVDF coating is the most excellent durability among all the outdoor durability paint
2. Excellent retention of color and resistance of  UV radiation.
3. Good Flexibility.
4. Not rich for the colors, only have dark and white series color.
5. High cost.
6. Commonly used for outside construction.
Usage of PVDF Pre-painted Steel Sheet
   The PVDF fluorocarbon coating is a masterwork among the existing construction coatings, which is generally acknowledged as an organic coating with the best protective performance, guarantees the metal building board not to be damaged for decades and always retains its beautiful color. Since entering the market in 1965, the Fluorocarbon coatings World-widely applied to buildings have already successfully traveled through various poor weathers and still remained perfect in the past 30 years. PVDF denotes polyvinylidene fluoride, The fluorine carbon bond formed by a fluorine atom with the largest electronegativity, together with its unique symmetry of molecule, lets the PVDF has an extra stability, unique resistance to photolysis of ultra-violate radiation, excellent insulation and mechanical properties.
Application fields:
Mainly used in industrial and commercial outside metal board, Feather board window, Sealing eaves floor, Curtain wall, roofing, Triangle wall panels, Cylindrical covering.