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【Easy-cleaning Pre-painted Steel Sheet】

(1) What is the Easy-cleaning pre-painted steel sheet?
The easy-cleaning pre-painted steel sheet is a new pre-painted steel sheet for outdoors construction . Its organic coating not only has excellent properties of decoration and weatherproof that common pre-painted steel sheets might possess but also has the special self-cleaning function. The factory buildings built by the pre-painted steel sheets of this kind needn’t any manually-operated cleaning or maintenance, which can retain the clean and glossiness of the pre-painted steel sheets applied to the walls and roofs only by rainwater, even those in the industries and cities with poorer air quality, and can maintain the high decorative property of the pre-painted steel sheets.
(2)Different coating system might have different contamination and cleaning property.
Fluorocarbon coating: at the medium and low contamination level, and easy to clean
Common polyester system: at high contamination level and hard to clean
(3)Easy-cleaning pre-painted steel sheet
Has excellent resistance to staining, which can prevent the pollutants from being penetrated into the coating membrane. Its good water solubility ensures that the rainbow can fully cover the surface of the coating and cleanse the surface well.