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【Antistatic Pre-painted Steel Sheet 】

1.Source of static electricity
  The electric charge may be generated instantaneously when different molecules and atoms are absorbing one another and interacting. Which is also called static charge. Even very small static charge can generate a high static voltage. Generally speaking the polymer with many polar groups is apt to carry positive charge; otherwise, it is apt to carry negative charge.
  In our daily life, the static there are various static phenomena.For example, a voltage over 1000 volt may produce while a man a talking on the composite carpet in an air conditioning room, and our hand always feel an electric shock while we are taking off in winter, or opening doors of the auto car.
The surface of both conductor and semiconductor may also generate static electricity; however, because the accumulated charge can be conducted by the surface and the internal of materials, there is little static charge accumulated there. While the polyester or fluorocarbon on the surface of the pre-painted steel sheet is a kind of high molecule polymer, which is an insulating material. However, as long as the surface generates electric charge, it may be really hard to discharge.
2.The danger of accumulation of static charge on the surface
  Adsorbing dust and bacteria.
  Damage the performance and usage of the surface of the product.
  Cause the static electricity discharged, which may bring about fire disaster or explosion
3.Working principle of the antistatic pre-painted steel sheet
   The working principle of the antistatic pre-painted steel sheet is to add some conducting materials in the insulating polyester
coating, which gets the former insulated coating become a semiconductor. Being assorted with the earthing system of the construction, the accumulated static electricity on the surface of the pre-painted steel sheet that is sourced from air convection or fabric friction is conducted into the earthing system and then disappears.
4.Usage of Antistatic pre-painted steel sheet
   Mainly used in antistatic, high cleanness and bacteria-free environments, covering: electronic semi-conductor industry, foodstuff
processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, etc.
5.Performance of the antistatic pre-painted steel sheet
(1)Its machining property and durability match that of the pre-painted steel sheet with common polyester as its base metal.
(2)Its resistance to chemicals and solvents is slightly higher than that of the common polyester pre-painted steel sheet
(3)Its surface resistance(Ω/cm2) is 106-109Ω(common polyester pre-painted steel sheet: about 10Ω).